repairs on the damaged hard drive

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repairs on the damaged hard drive

Hard drive as an important medium where the OS is installed and also as a place of data and documents are stored. Where the components of a computer that is much needed in the operation of the hard drive. With advances in technology more and more storage capacity increases.
A failed hard drive can work, can be caused by a variety of reasons. The most common failure mode occurs on the hard drive we can see from the list below
1. Circuit logic (controller) is damaged.
Power is flowing to the data connector (requires soldering).
IC Spindle / sleeve damaged drives (requires replacement of the logic circuit, or IC; additional improvements may be needed depending on the actual cause of damage).
Damaged disc HDD (hard disc box must be opened).
2. Moving components are damaged.
Hard Drive Head Damage.
shaft bearings or damage spindle motor stops.
3. Firmware corruption (requires special software and special connection settings).
Damage to the hard disk can be divided into 4 levels, is based on research and experience of dealing damage to hard disk.
level 1
Damage that occurred at this level usually caused Bad sector. To handle this there are several ways and variations of the experiment, adjusted for brands and the number of bad sectors hard drive.
1. For early handlers can use the command FORMAT C: / C (adjust the drive you want to format). / C is used for cluster mebersihkan who damaged.
2. Step two, if not managed can use the Disk Manager of each hard drive manufacturer.
3. If not managed well HDDREG you can use the software, please download the program.
4. If not successful try the way Zero Low Level Format or File.
5. If you still can, you can do the cutting reply damaged hard disk sector, by dividing partition and not use a damaged sector.
Level 2
Damage that occurs at level 2 is the partition hard drive and data loss. This could be caused by viruses or errors using utility programs. Some need to be considered in restoring the lost hard disk partition, namely the capacity of the hard drive and file system type. Partition with a FAT File System is more easily restored than NTFS or Linux File System.

1. First check the hard drive partitions using FDISK or Disk Manager
2. To restore it can use software such as GatDataback, Hdd Recovery, Partition Recovery, etc..

Level 3
Erosive damage to the hard drive detected in BIOS but can not be used, and always appears an error message when the computer do the POST. This is usually caused from the hard disk firmware problem reply. For many of these symptoms occur in Maxtor brand hard drive series with the names of Gods. To fix it you can download the Firmware program from the hard drive brand website.

Level 4
Damage that leads to hard drive not detected by the BIOS and can not be used again. This is the hardest level in my opinion. Due to the repairs we need a little permutations electronic devices and components therein. Menganggulangi hard drive not detected by the BIOS many ways.

1. Checking the electrical current running into the hard drive
2. Replacing the hard drive IC on mainboard
3. Open Cover Cover your hard disk and check the position of Head hard drive
4. Extreme way for people who damaged hard disk drive can be cannibalized by others who keruskan who are different, can be a way to replace maiboardnya or take his IC.

How to determine the components of the damaged hard
Hard drive is most likely physically damaged, and possibly beyond repair capabilities with software, if there are symptoms like the following

1. There is a definite problem on the outside of the drive, the damage looks like a chip and / or connectors.
2. Terdetteksi not in the system hard drive windows or other OS, Windows Device Manager, and in the system BIOS.
3. Hard Drive remain silent (no spin-up sound, no movement felt) when activated.
4. Hard Drive memengeluarkan repetitive clicking sound loudly when accessed, followed by the sound of the drive stops and then starts again. Windows usually hangs or "slow" work.

Possible actions Repair
Little could be done to repair the hard drive at home, without using special equipment. However, it is advisable to perform certain steps to ensure that correct problems with the drive.

1. Check the connections. Disconnect and reconnect the power cord and data. Consider the possibility of a loose connector.
2. Check the connections again.
3. If the drive uses a USB connection (ie IDE-to-USB converter), Remove the drive from the USB device, then plug into the regular IDE port.
4. If there is, try a different power supply units, or at least different devices on the same circuit PSU.
5. If there is, try to plug the hard drive to a different port (preferably to a different controller).

Data recovery in case of physical failure
If the device has evolved into a physical problem, do the repairs must be very careful. If any of the above symptoms exist, consider In the case of damage is limited (one or two bad places on the media)

1. Use with ZAR recovery software, it will take longer than usual but definitely finished.
2. This recovery rate will cause a decrease in the quality of the hard drive.
In the case of major damage,

1. If the device is not accessible at all (failure circuitry), software can not be used in the recovery effort. Physical intervention is required.
2. If the disk is accessible, run the recovery software that will take linger to finish. Additionally, running the recovery software to put pressure on the device. And It may not be desirable.

In the case of major damage, there is no point in trying to perform the data recovery efforts at home. There is little you can do to fix physically damaged devices without special equipment. In this case, you need a data recovery lab.

Physical damage prediction harddrive
Modern hard drives have the ability to monitor their own health and report their status to the operating system. This feature is called "S.M.A.R.T. However, the results are only good if you actually see and read the report. To take advnatage of SMART capabilities, you have to run hard drive diagnostic soaftare, or, better yet, if you do it as often as possible.

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  3. The most common problems originate from corruption of the master boot record, FAT, or directory. Those are soft problems which can usually be taken care of with a combination of tools like Fdisk /mbr to refresh the master boot record followed by a reboot and Norton disk doctor or Spinneret. :)

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