Know Your E-Mail Phishing scam

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Know Your E-Mail Phishing scam

In these days people are familiar with the name e-mail, from children to adults already know what it's called an e-mail. Because the facility this one a lot of their role, we can send data, send photos, or send an application with only a matter of seconds, minutes ato clock. And this is faster than we use the services of travel.
But on the other side of the e-mail can also make us lose what we have, in this case usually is money. On this occasion we will discuss issues related to e-mail. The problem that we will discuss is about the E-mail Phishing.
Previously we have to understand whether it is called phishing e-mail it?"Phishing is a cunning technique used by thieves and hackers to trick internet users with a way to steal vital information, this is usually related to financial information (account numbers and credit card) and login information (ID and password).
Usually this is the target of criminals, people who transact online through bank website. By the way they create a false e-mails are very much like an official e-mails from financial institutions. Usually the message from a fake e-mails are very convincing at all, because it is very much like an official e-mail. So people who do not know for sure will visit the website.
And users who are logged into the website, will certainly begin to fill in the form of information about her personal and financial data. Then the information that has been written already entered into a database of criminals or hackers, so these criminals with very freely move the data or the contents of the account to the account of the criminal. Usually people who have been cheated when he realized the gain or receive a waiver from the bank or the credit card issuer.
Better to avoid fraud against these phishing e-mails, we must understand a few tips so that we are not fooled. Here are some tips from us, hopefully these tips can help you.

Do not immediately reply to e-mails from financial institutions, before that party first try contacting your bank to ensure the truth of the e-mail.
Note typos or incorrect grammar in an e-mail has been sent.
Pay attention to the symbol @ in the website address listed on e-mail messages. It could be the address of the website reads: @ The browser will not process all the posts before the "@" symbol. So, the thief could have put his personal website address after the "@" symbol. Website is exactly what you will visit, for it should always note the website address listed on the link.
Usually some of the characters in the address of the bank's website can be replaced with similar characteristics. For example, the letter L is replaced with the number "1". Both these characters look the same glance. website may be changed to and you may not realize this difference.
When the bank's website is displayed, note the padlock icon that arriving at the bottom of Web browsers. If there is, means the website is secure. If the padlock icon is missing, immediately close the browser.

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