Function Cache Memory

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Function Cache Memory

Cache memory is very fast memory built into a computer central processing unit (CPU), or placed in a separate chip. Function of cache memory to store instructions that repeatedly required and can be accessed very quickly to run the program, improving the overall system.  

The advantage of the cache memory is that the CPU does not have to use the motherboard bus system for transferring data. Each time the data must pass through the system bus, data transfer speed slow down the ability of the motherboard. CPU can process data faster by avoiding the barriers created by the system bus.
After most of the programs open and running, they use very little resources. When these resources are stored in the cache, the program can operate more quickly and efficiently. Cache in a computer system that is running the CPU with a small cache can have a lower benchmark. Cache that is built into the CPU itself is referred to as Level 1 (L1) cache. Cache is located in a separate chip next to the CPU is called Level 2 (L2) cache. Some CPUs have both L1 and L2 cache built-in and commissioned as a separate chip Level 3 cache (L3) cache.
Cache built in CPU faster than a separate cache. However, a separate cache is still about two times faster than the Random Access Memory (RAM). Cache is more expensive than RAM but the motherboard with built-in cache is excellent for maximizing system performance.
Disk caching apply the same principle on the hard disk cache memory which also applies to the CPU. Frequently accessed data hard disk is stored in a separate segment of RAM to avoid having to take it from your hard disk repeatedly. In this case, RAM is much faster than the disc technology used in conventional hard disks. This situation will change however, because the hybrid hard disk already exists everywhere. This disc has a built-in flash memory cache. Finally, the hard drive will be 100% similar to a flash drive, eliminating the need for a RAM disk caching, as flash memory that is faster than RAM.

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