Clear Cmos function

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Clear Cmos function

CMOS Clear function resets a setting BIOS (Basic Input Output System). These changes are necessary to restore the factory settings / defaults. IC BIOS is a program that stores program data required for the operation of the motherboard and the relationship between the connector / interface on the computer.

When will the need to Clear CMOS?

1. Clear CMOS is required if there is something in the BIOS that we who tinkers until the computer is not running because of errors in the BIOS settings. With Clear CMOS, setting back the initial state / default until all runs.

2. Replacement / Up-Grade / Down-Grade Processor. Replacement processor, either because the old processor die and make Up Grade, could lead to the motherboard does not work. This is due settinggan Bus Clock and BIOS reads the old processor ratio that is not necessarily the same processor replaced.

But of course, not all motherboards will experience this, because many motherboards have an auto detection facilities that will directly adjust the settings with the condition of the processor.

3. Unlock Password. That is, open the BIOS password. It often happens, when the computer is given a password, you forget the password that we created. Then, reset the BIOS / CMOS Clear is one of easiest way to disassemble the BIOS password.

How to Clear CMOS

It's easy, almost every motherboard has a clear CMOS facility. Although there are several ways, the same principle.

1. This is the most common. The instructions also clearly legible Motherboard CMOS Clear or Reset the BIOS. Usually a 3 pin needles with marked number 1 or the arrow marks the instructions number 1. Jumper pins or this, usually located not far from the CMOS battery. Generally the normal position, jumper / connector pin on No. 1 and 2. To clear CMOS, move jumper position to position 2 and 3 or can follow the instructions on the motherboard. No need to live in a state computer (which is often misunderstood).

See the following figure:

2. There are also on some motherboards, especially the motherboard built-up / not assembled, form a clear CMOS switches that can slide up / down ON / OFF. Follow the instructions in the motherboard manual or book, switches what number is the clear CMOS switch.

3. Switches / Buttons are on tap. Perform an emphasis on the button Clear / Reset, and the BIOS will return to the default position.

4. Not found the instructions clear Clear the CMOS with the words or abbreviations of like CLRTC, RST CLR CMOS or alone? Relax, pamungkasnya way is to remove the battery for a while. Off the old battery from the motherboard depends on the type of motherboard. There is only takes 30 minutes, there are up to one day.

By removing the battery, the BIOS does not accept the power / energy to keep the settings. Until the BIOS "forced" to return to the default position.

Do not forget to setting up a few things that need your CPU. Such as setting the date and time.

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